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Japanese-Inspired Bakery Adds to Diverse Flavours at UBC Market

At the UBC Farm Farmers’ Market, there are so many varieties of vendors, each with their own backstory and their own special products to sell: fresh fruit, ice-cream, foodstuffs, pottery, plants, and so many homemade wonders.

One day in early August, one stand gave me a fresh new perspective on baking. Each item was made with heart, passion, and hard work. Of course, every baker puts their love into each pastry and loaf of bread, but the tastes from Ef & Be Bakehouse were something special. And they were delicious.

I normally don’t eat baked goods. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I am sure glad I chose to on this day because I was able to discover the delicious flavours of Japanese baked goods.

Bowie, along with her business partner and friend Fumie Meguro, started Burnaby-based Ef & Be Bakehouse four years ago.

“When I met Fumie, I could already tell that she was an amazing baker,” said Bowie, who goes by only one name.

As their online business slowed down after the pandemic, they were happy to continue selling their baked goods with everyone at the market. They also participate in other farmers markets around Metro Vancouver.

Bowie’s favourite item and her best seller is the beef curry pan—pan being the Japanese word for bread. She says the house-made curry uses a secret recipe from Fumie and it’s special because instead of using ground beef it has beef chunks to add texture. They coat the beef chunks with breadcrumbs and fry them to perfection. Personally, I like the matcha mochi melon pan.

Overall, the place is a highly recommended if you like baked items. If you want to find out more about Ef & Be Bakehouse, here’s the link:


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