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Introducing The Campus Resident Newspaper Editorial Committee

The Campus Resident is produced by UNA staff and a Newspaper Editorial Committee appointed by the UNA Board of Directors. The committee—comprised of five residents and two UNA board members —ensures the publication of the newspaper is carried out in accordance with the principles set out in the newspaper’s terms of reference, including accuracy, objectivity, balance, and editorial independence. Current committee members are:


Eagle lives in Wesbrook with two reclusive teenagers, a dog and cat constantly at odds, and a partner who gardens passionately. He teaches history at UBC and serves on the board of the UNA. He has written articles on several topics and is cautiously optimistic about the future of community journalism.


Fei, a non-profit professional, relocated from China a decade ago. In Canada, she earned master’s in adult education. She’s a member of the parent advisory council at Norma Rose Point school and a UNA director. She and her husband are devoted to their two kids, two cats, and the community.


Warren is an editorial consultant specializing in international development and has worked for Asiaweek, Maclean’s and Canadian Press. His love for politics has taken him to the Soviet Union, Indonesia, the Philippines and Myanmar. He and his partner happily escaped Ottawa winters a few years ago for life in Vancouver.


As a Wesbrook Village resident, Robyn cultivates a rather naughty garden. She has surreptitiously trimmed crocosmias, repeatedly had her mint privileges revoked, and grown hollyhocks taller than most children. She can be seen with her cat Mr. Knightley, who chews on tree branches and forgets what apartment he lives in.


Vivian is a video documentary editor, director, and producer who worked as a volunteer community news producer for Shaw Spotlight in Victoria from 2014-2019. She is an executive member of University Hill Secondary School’s parent advisory council and community volunteer. She enjoys the campus resident lifestyle with her husband and two daughters in this multicultural and caring community.


Sofia recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in political science from UBC and is continuing her education by pursuing her master’s in political science at UBC. Sofia enjoys walking around the neighbourhood with her dog, Tanner.


An avid world traveler and proud mother of two, Jennifer holds a master’s in fine arts from Dalhousie University and has worked as an international business executive for over 20 years while writing for various magazines. She enjoys walking in Pacific Spirit Park with her children while they chat about life and poetry.

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