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Focus on Access to Justice at Upcoming Youth Law Event

UHill student participating in Youth Leaders in Law Conference, to be held on campus later this month.

An upcoming event on campus is targeting local youth who are passionate about a career in law and justice.

On March 30, the British Columbia Youth Leaders in Law Conference will take place at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, offering an opportunity for high school students interested in the field.

The event is being held by the B.C. chapter of Youth Leaders in Law, which is Vancouver’s largest “by youth, for youth” legal organization, providing an opportunity for members to connect and interact with legal professionals and other like-minded individuals.

At this year’s conference, the theme of “Access to Justice” will take centre stage. It’s a concept that everyone should have an active voice and equal opportunities to navigate the legal system, regardless of their background or circumstances. This cross-section of law and activism will be explored in depth at the conference.

The conference features a law school admissions panel, interactive case study workshops, discussions, and speakers. From understanding legal rights to a lunch-time opportunity fair to interact with various non-profit organizations and law schools, participants will gain insights into the role of law in voicing person-centred justice.

Participants at the 2023 British Columbia Youth Leaders in Law Conference, which was held at the Peter A. Allard School of Law on campus. (Photo: Juliana Manalou)

Mason Mattu, the president of Youth Leaders in Law B.C. says the conference “isn’t just about providing youth with opportunities for a career in law, it’s about highlighting our real issue of access to justice.”

Last year, over 300 individuals attended the conference from all corners of the globe, and this year participants can expect to expand their horizons, sharpen their advocacy skills, and be part of a community dedicated to promoting fairness and equality for all.

Those who are interested can sign up by accessing the group’s Instagram page.

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