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E-Scooter Legality Under Review

But so far so good at UBC

The provincial government is still considering whether to legalize e-scooters even as they increasingly appear on streets and sidewalks. 

Even though e-scooters are illegal under the Motor Vehicles Act, a provincial pilot project has given them a green light in several communities, including Vancouver. 

And while UBC is not officially part of the pilot, a UBC spokesperson says scooters “are allowed on campus roadways under provincial regulations and UBC’s parking and traffic rules.” 

The pilot project began in 2021 and was recently extended for four years. It’s meant to give the province time to collect data on the health, safety and traffic implications of e-scooter use. The pilot is also underway in North Vancouver, Richmond, Kelowna, and Nanaimo.  

Advocates are pushing for legislative changes to allow the use of e-scooters and other so-called micro-mobility vehicles such as electric wheelchairs and kick scooters in designated bike lanes.  

UBC spokesperson Matthew Ramsey says UBC is paying close attention to the pilot in other municipalities. “UBC is focusing on education and awareness campaigns regarding the safe use of these and other electric mobility devices around campus,” he said. 


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