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Blending Nature and Fitness—Running for Fun on Campus

What began as a small group seeking exercise around campus during the pandemic has now grown to have almost 100 members.

Nestled between the sea and the forest, the UBC campus boasts breathtaking scenery. This captivating backdrop sets the stage for the UBC Campus Fun Run, a weekly event that transforms running into a delightful experience.

The fun run gathers a community of residents passionate about fitness and offers them the opportunity to break a sweat and immerse themselves in the beauty surrounding them. Whether covering a 5 km or a challenging 15 km route, each run becomes a test of fitness and an exploration of the campus’s beauty.

The group first began their runs during the pandemic with only a few runners, but has now grown to have nearly 100 members.

During the event, photographers capture every moment, freezing the participants’ dedication, perseverance, and joy. These photos not only serve as a record of individual effort but a testament to the spirit of the entire event.

Some running enthusiasts, called “big shots,” lead participants through various corners of the campus, designing unique route patterns such as the “smoking pipe handsome guy” that add fun and challenge to the run.

Beyond the joy of running, the event offers a platform for those who have participated in international marathons to share their experiences. They impart their wisdom, sharing the nuances of marathon participation, letting more individuals appreciate the exhilaration of marathon running.

These runners through their dedication and passion form an inspiring spectacle during UBC’s organized marathons. They transform exercise into a delightful pursuit.

At the UBC Campus Fun Run, every participant becomes a part of the beauty that surrounds them. As they cover every inch of the campus, they inscribe their unique fitness journey with sweat. The event is not just an activity; it’s a love letter to nature and life.

Let’s run together in this mesmerizing scenery, feel the joy of movement, and take in the beautiful scenery of UBC campus.

To join, simply show up at Save-On-Foods in Wesbrook Village at 8 a.m. on Saturdays.



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