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Application Seeks to Add 50 Per Cent More Density in leləṁ

If approved, towers could reach 34 storeys to make way for more market rental and strata housing.

A rezoning application seeks to increase the density in the unbuilt parts of the leləṁ housing development on campus by over 50 per cent, raising community concerns.

Leləṁ is an 8.7-hectare development in the University Endowment Lands along University Boulevard.

Earlier this year, developer Townline Developments Inc. applied to amend the existing zoning of five currently undeveloped parcels of land.

If approved, over 31,000 square metres of market rental housing would be created in five residential towers ranging from 22 to 34 storeys with a maximum height of 107 metres. The current zoning allows for towers up to 18 storeys.

In response to the developer’s application, the Community Advisory Council in the provincially administered endowment lands was calling on residents to make their voices heard during an open house scheduled for April 4.

The group has also penned an opinion piece for The Campus Resident and can be found here.

Residents had complained that the announcement for the open house was not widely distributed. That led some residents to suspect that the developer was attempting to limit public consultation.

leləṁ neighbourhood, beginning to take shape as construction continues. (Photo: Emmanuel Samoglou)

The open house is scheduled to take place on April 4 from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at the Salons Banquet Room in the University Golf Club (5185 University Boulevard).

Leləm̓, developed by the Musqueam Capital Corporation, now includes residential towers, town houses, retail space, and a soon-to-be opened community centre.


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