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A Second Scooter Strike

Too many close encounters, tapestry manager says

Local parents and youth are being asked to follow provincial regulations after another senior was struck by a child riding a non-motorized scooter on a Wesbrook sidewalk last month. 

Ross Black, general manager at Tapestry Retirement Residence, said one of their residents sustained injuries after being hit by a seven-year-old on a scooter.  

“One of our residents was standing on the sidewalk speaking with friends when a young boy ran into the back of her leg. She stumbled but did not fall,” Black told The Campus Resident. 

“She immediately turned around and spoke with the mother and the young boy explaining that they are not allowed to ride their scooters on the sidewalk, and it is important that they are mindful of other people, especially the seniors that live at Tapestry and in the neighbourhood in general,” he said. 

Black said the resident experienced soreness after the incident and had some bruising but did not seek medical treatment.  

He said the resident has had “many” close encounters with individuals riding on sidewalks, including adults who are “bigger, go faster, and seemingly never pay attention to the seniors who walk slower.” 

The incident follows a more serious collision that occurred in the same place late last year. 

In October 2023, Wesbrook Place resident Lena Bellamy, 87, was struck by a 10-year-old on a non-motorized scooter while returning to her home at the residence after her daily walk. 

Following the incident, Bellamy was taken by ambulance to Vancouver General Hospital and treated for a fractured kneecap and a head injury, receiving stitches to her forehead. 

Black said the most recent incident should act as a reminder to university neighbourhood residents to walk their wheels and recognize “the vulnerability of the seniors who live in our building.”  

“As we enter summer and more of our community is outside on our sidewalks enjoying the weather via walking, running, biking or other wheeled vehicles, it serves as an even more important reminder to continue to ‘walk your wheels’ through Wesbrook Village” Black said.  

Under provincial regulations, non-motorized scooters and bicycles are not permitted on sidewalks.  

Section 183 of the Motor Vehicle Act says that anyone operating a scooter or bicycle and involved in an accident with a pedestrian on a sidewalk must remain at the scene, render assistance to the victim, and give his or her name, address and the name and address of the owner of the wheeled transportation involved.  


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