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A Relaunch Welcome from a Neighbourly Premier

Hi! My name is David Eby and I’m the MLA (provincial government representative) for our community here at UBC, and I’m also the premier of the province. I’m so happy that The Campus Resident Newspaper is back up and publishing.

For 12 years John Tompkins, the late publisher and editor of our community newspaper, was the newspaper personified. He worked hard to ensure there was interesting content, and that the paper got published regularly to help keep our growing community up-to-date and informed.

It was hard work but hugely appreciated by everyone in the neighbourhood. I still miss seeing him out and about in downtown Wesbrook Village with his son.

When John passed away, the newspaper did too. But now, thanks to the vision of the UNA board of directors and the efforts of many volunteers, The Campus Resident is back. I hope it’s here to stay.

Community newspapers give you a chance to read about local news and events. It’s coverage you won’t see anywhere else. They can also give local businesses and non-profits a chance to send a message to the people most likely to be interested in what they’re up to.

UNA Resident and B.C. Premier David Eby.

As community members, the newspaper gives a platform to talk about the issues you care about and issues you hope your neighbours do too.

And as your MLA, it’s a chance for me to read the views of constituents directly.

If you’re interested in official government policy updates from me as MLA, send an email to my office at David.eby@MLA.leg. to subscribe to my newsletter.

But if you’re interested in what I’m interested in as your neighbour in our shared community, you can check out the article on page 9—it’s about some of the new restaurants opening downtown. As important as a national newspaper is, good luck finding that news in the Globe and Mail!

Congratulations to everyone involved in publishing The Campus Resident— we’re so glad you’re back! John would be proud.


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